The specific objectives of the programme include the following:

  • Production of good quality, well-motivated, honest and dedicated management manpower capable of taking up responsible positions in financial institutions, commerce, industry, private and public enterprises.
  • Production of graduates with a comprehensive knowledge and thorough understanding of business operations and management of banks, financial institutions and other organizations and be professionally qualified to practice the professions.
  • Production of skills manpower with theoretical and practical knowledge relevant for the various aspects of the finance industry.
  • Equipment of graduates with required analytical and managerial skills necessary to prepare them for the challenges of middle and top management positions in industrial and public organizations.
  • Development of both theoretical and practical knowledge for individual self-confidence, initiative and self-reliance in the field of finance.
  • Enhancement of employability of graduates of the programme through offering of a market driven curriculum.
  • Development of leadership and interpersonal relation skills in finance graduates which are needed for working in different organisations.


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